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Fu Chen


A Way of Living

Over the past 60 years, Tea Master- Fu Chen, a devoted Buddhist and vegetarian, has interwoven her personal life philosophy and reverence for nature into the art of tea making. According to Fu Chen, “In order to achieve inner peace, one must be honest and in tune with nature.” Jhentea lives this philosophy by cultivating high-quality premium teas that are organic and additive-free, which serve to cleanse the body and bring peace to the mind.

Not only is Fu Chen a highly skilled tea master, she is also considered a true spiritual leader. Visitors to her teahouse, located in the Wu-Lou Ken district of Yilan, enter an oasis of peace and tranquility, with many coming to learn from Fu Chen’s precious insights and valuable knowledge on the true art of this family’s legacy of naturally harvested healthy tea.

Tea Competitions – True Benchmarks of Fine Tea

With numerous competitions taking place in Taiwan for just about anything one can imagine - from drawing to hair cutting - it is no wonder that competitions play a special part in the country’s tea culture, too. During regularly held tea competitions, teashops can submit teas they either make or purchase from someone like Fu Chen. Unfortunately, flavor-enhancing additives are often included in the teas sold by many shops. It then becomes obvious that the only way to correctly assess the quality of tea is through live competitions, where judges strictly assess the character, flavor, smell and history of the tea presented.

Fu Chen has participated in tea competitions since her teahouse opened in 1976. With over sixty years of experience in the art of tea making, she has proved her mastery in tea making time and time again through the numerous accolades she has received for her exceptional, richly flavored teas. These awards come from ambitious live or remote tea competitions. As an artisan of tea making, Fu Chen has passed her valuable knowledge to the family’s fourth generation of tea makers – her daughter, Ai Fang. Today, all of Jhentea’s organic leaf teas are produced by either Fu Chen or Ai Fang.

Reference Points

  • • 1850 - Great-grandfather establishes a tea business in the mountains of Taiwan
  • • 1898 - Grandfather and grandmother expand into the tea wholesale business in Wu-Lou Ken, a remote mountain region
  • • 1976 - Father, Shih-Ho Fang, and mother, Fu Chen, open a retail tea store in Wu-Lou Ken; daughter, Gin Ai Fang, also joins the tea-making industry that same year
  • • 2009 - Daughter, Kuei-Chen Fang, launches jhentea.com