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Fu Chen

Fu Chen is a Buddhist, vegetarian, renowned artisan and expert tea maker. Steeped in the stories, knowledge and experiences of an established family tradition, Fu Chen continues the art of tea cultivation that has been embraced and perfected by her family since the middle of the 19th century.

Like the ancestors before them, Fu Chen, along with her six siblings, were introduced into the art of tea cultivation from an early age through the family’s tea garden. This instilled a passion that lives on until today. Fu Chen, five of her siblings, as well as her daughters, Gin Ai Fang and Fang Kuei, continue to build upon the family’s legacy into the fourth generation as artisans in the Taiwanese tea industry.


Ai Fang

The first time I discovered my interest in tea was around 1982. I was 18 years old. My parents put me in charge of the tea that was commissioned by a client, who later held its quality in very high regard. Because of my parents’ support and the external recognition, I personally became interested in tea making for the first time. Making tea was no longer a sheer obligation.

Teas have shown me so much and nurtured my family greatly in the past five decades. At first, I made teas that pleased people. Now I follow my ideals. I make teas according to their individual nature so that they can present their best qualities. I want teas to “be themselves”–the green, beautiful beverages that are mild, yet still holding their original fragrance. I want to share my ideal teas with all of my tea-loving friends.