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Family History



  • Before 1850
  • 1st Generation
  • 2nd Generation
  • 3rd Generation
  • 4th Generation

Before 1850

TEA MASTER Hon Chen 陳紅

LOCATION Fujian, China

A family business In China before 1850

Over the course of several generations during the 19th century our ancestors began cultivating tea in the Fujian provence of southern China. Our great-great-grandfather, Hon Chen, was a well-known tea master in the local Fujian community having passed on the family tradition and business to his children and families. To further expand the family’s tea business, the off springs had already fortuitously ventured to Taiwan so when communists eventually took over China, the Chen clan was able to escape to their new tea business. Applying the family’s long standing traditions of growing, harvesting and production of Wu-Yi tea plants and Oolong tea the business has flourished and developed globally.